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Yash Gorakh

I always give my best efforts to reach at my targeted goals but I struggled a lot and I questioned myself why is it so? But, after getting the service of Handwriting analysis from Rajesh Kothari, I came to know my true potentials, traits and short comings. First time I could find my own true personality. The beauty is, my overall personality has been enhanced through grapho-therapy by working in areas of improvement with guidance of him. after a few months of the regular handwriting exercise, I have experienced and realized the transformation in myself and it really worked to me to achieve my professional and personal goals. Normally, the service is given for maximum 5-6 months but, Rajeshbhai gave me the service beyond the time frame. Even, he gave his service to my reference in the same manner. I heartily grateful to Mr.Kothari for his noble service and his time devoted. I believe everyone must do handwriting analysis once in life and better early in life.

Subhash Sureja

I didn’t realize how much my signature said about me. Mr. Kothari educated me on the significance of one’s signature. He showed me samples of signature analysis of key personalities and how their key traits affected their signatures and vice versa. By suggesting modifications in the way I sign, he helped bring my more desirable traits to surface. I am very happy with Mr. Kothari’s services and highly recommend it to one and all.

Maulik Desai

I had very bad handwriting, even sometimes it was not able to read. I tried various tricks given in different websites and youtube but unfortunately i was failed all time. Later on I came to know about graphology and then about Rajesh sir. I decide to join the course and today after completion of all session i get effective result. After these 15 days no one can recognize my newly evaluated with old one... Rajesh sir used very scientific approach and his personal guideline really help me to make perfect shape of each letter....thank you very much Rajesh sir to make my handwriting its best... If you are also worrying about your handwriting you should at least visit for once because this kind of scientific and psychological method which i never seen before... With regards.

Jugal Mistry

A month ago my handwriting were horrible! And also some of my faculties would ask me to improve my handwriting by any means! My father found out about Rajesh Sir and now just in 30 days my handrwitings are insanely good and I can't even believe it. Absolute magic.

Jimmy Soni

Being a Life Coach, I always want to keep enhancing my mindset & skillset. By getting associated with HandWriting Skills, I have been able to achieve my desired skillsets & am really grateful to Mr. Rajesh Kothari for lessons & his time devoted. A must, must for aspiring people !

Jasbir Singh

I was never aware of how handwriting speaks of personality traits. It sounded fiction to me until I met Mr. Rajesh Kothari at BNI Ahmedabad who was handwriting analysis expert. I was so not sure whether I should get my daughter’s handwriting analyzed. I never thought it would work for her. But the way Mr. Rajesh Kothari analyzed her handwriting and left me surprised is something I had never expected. Each and every word that he said about my daughter’s personality and her short comings was so true. My communication with Mr. Rajesh Kothari began and it was a lovely experience. I am still baffled at how alphabets, their strokes, loops and all say so much. Mr. Rajesh Kothari has been prompt to respond with sound advice. His eye for detail and continued guidance during practice sessions speaks a lot of his commitment to this science. Amazing is the only word I remember as he analyzed my daughter’s handwriting. I was quite stunned while reading his report and how exactly described my daughter’s nature. I was surprised that how a complete stranger can read her character and nature with the help of her handwriting. Based on my daughter’s handwriting he shared her personality traits and that left me wondering about this mystical thing called handwriting. He was on the mark about her personality and believe me he has never seen or met her. Mr. Rajesh Kothari has helped her in understanding both the positives and areas for improvement ... truly grateful for the in-depth insights .This is just amazing. I am proud to say she has been feeling more empowered and has come to believe in her capabilities and that she deserves nothing less than the best. Hats off to RajeshBhai- guiding people towards eliminating the unwanted and seeking the desirable in their lives is undoubtedly a noble cause. Blessings and good wishes for many more lives that you need to touch upon to make them experience the magic wand of your Handwriting Analysis Skills. I’m looking forward to further lessons on life from Mr. Rajesh Kothari after I finish all the exercises for my daughter. I wish to see positive changes in my daughter many aspects. I’m happy that I’m able to see some result so soon (as I’m not very patient with everything) ……………….. Thank you Mr. Rajesh Kothari.

Dheeraj Rawlley

In preparation for a job interview, I wanted to get a basic handwriting analysis done and I’m so glad I came to Mr. Kothari. I learnt so much about my most dominant traits and even stuff that nobody but only my closest family and friends knew that I ended up getting a detailed reading done. This analysis brought a lot of clarity about the job roles that I am best suited for. Now I am convinced that handwriting analysis truly is based on the science of brain. Coming here was a good decision.

Deepak Sharma

I was going through a very low phase emotionally. There were fears and phobias that dated back to my early childhood and were still impeding my daily functioning at many levels. My interaction with others was very weak, my marriage was suffering because of my low self-esteem and other insecurities. I was really in a bad shape physically too because of my mental and emotional suffering. One of my friends who is a school teacher told me about Mr. Kothari. With new hope, I met Mr. Kothari who very patiently listened to me and my problems. He then asked me to write a page and a half, ending with my signature. Two days later, I heard from him and he sent me a detailed analysis of my personality. I was really amazed at the accuracy of his study. Mr. Kothari then suggested Graphotherapy for me. After 30 days, I feel like a new person altogether. It’s almost as if my brain is finally under my control after all these years. Meeting Mr. Kothari was truly a blessing in disguise.

Avik Munshi

For someone, who is practical, this was just hearsay. However, I made an impromptu decision after the lockdown. More than a year later, I am glad that I made the decision. As the change is gradual and requires practice, it took time for the changes to become apparent. And astonishingly, they are exactly the improvements that Rajeshbhai prescribed through the modifications suggested in my handwriting. The key ones being openness, achievement and spirituality. My handwriting may not be pretty but they certainly serve the purpose! Definitely recommend this to anyone conscious about self improvement. And from the perspective of value, the experience egregiously outweighs the commercials involved.

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