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Rajesh Kothari is a pioneer in counseling and mentoring individuals of all age groups. With the help of handwriting analysis, he determines major personality traits, strengths and weaknesses. Through focused counseling, you can shape up your personality and make better choices in life.

Such focused counseling improves satisfaction quotient, but also helps in achieving success in all the spheres including career, relationships, finance, academic excellence, etc. Handwriting analysis-backed counseling services can be used for:

  • Career guidance
  • Marriage counseling
  • Family counseling
  • Choosing the right life partner
  • Recruitment
  • Management consulting

On the basis of handwriting analysis and counseling, a detailed personality profile can also be developed. This personality profile gives comprehensive information about a person’s personality. You can use these detailed personality profiles to analyze your own or any other person’s strengths and weaknesses and other character traits.

As a person’s handwriting reveals a lot about their personality traits and nature, you can use the personality profile developed through handwriting analysis to get a better understanding of a person. This helps in getting an idea about a person’s mindset, abilities, general perspective and confidence. Personality profiles can be of two types:

Personal Profile: Can be used for self-assessment or improving personality. Also, one can get personality profiles developed for spouse, children or other person to understand them better.

Professional Profile: Generally used to assess potential employees, such profiles can be used by recruiters and senior management to evaluate a person’s potential

It is very easy to avail counseling services and get hold of personal or professional profiles developed through handwriting analysis. You can directly contact at or get in touch via the contact us page. Handwriting samples will be required that you can directly mail. Just keep the following in mind while submitting a handwriting sample:

  • Handwriting sample should be one and a half page long, written using ball point pen (preferably 0.7mm) on a plain sheet of paper
  • nclude personal signature in the handwriting sample

Once handwriting sample is received, you can receive counseling on-call or in person, as you feel comfortable. Personality profile can also be shared via e-mail or any other medium as requested.