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Life Projection in Signature

“Life projection in Signature” is a book on the science of handwriting that is also called Handwriting Analysis and Graphology, signature is a part of the graphology. In this book, Graphologist and Signature expert, Rajesh Kothari, has given an insight into detail of Graphology including various aspects of signature such as pressure, slant, size, margin, stroke, connections, baseline and many more. This book is designed in a way that readers get in-depth knowledge about signature and learn how to analyze the personality and character of the person.

Learn Signature analysis precisely and correctly. This book is focused on signature. A reader can learn the various elements of signature, zones, spacing between letters, various types of signature.

This book is ideal for the person who is interested to learn or understand
Personality analysis,
Human Psychology,
Handwriting science,
Signature makeover,

This book is for all the individuals however, it is also more beneficial to some professionals like Human resource, career counsellor, Teachers and mentors, life coach, motivational speaker, some medical professionals like Psychologist, Psychiatrist, Therapist, who has to deal with human behaviours and psychology.

Even, for a better understanding of the reader, in this book, various handwriting samples have been given to give practical knowledge.

This one is the best complete package for beginners to learn Signature analysis based on the science of handwriting and how to read anyone’s personality without meeting or asking a single question.