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Improve a Child’s Personality through Handwriting Analysis & Grapho-therapy

Parents send their child to school to ensure they get the best in terms of education and personality development. They trust school authorities and teachers and expect them to work towards creating a strong personality for their child. They also want that a school works on eliminating a child’s weaknesses and in turn understand his/her inner talent. Handwriting analysis empower school authorities in unleashing every child’s potential by helping in:


With the help of handwriting analysis, a parent or a teacher can understand a child’s inherent personality. By getting information about children’s personality traits, a parent/teacher can work towards developing interpersonal skills and building a strong personality.

Understanding a child’s natural traits & skills

By analyzing the handwriting of a child, a graphologist can understand a child’s natural tendencies, character traits and inherent skills easily. Being a non-intrusive method to understand a child, handwriting analysis does not trouble the child with unnecessary questioning while at the same time helping teachers and parents to know the child better.

Identifying a child’s personality type

Every child is unique. While some may be shy in nature from birth, others might be naughty. A handwriting expert analyses the handwriting samples of children to give clear insights into the type of personality a child possesses. With the help of a graphologist, a school can understand the nature of child, personality and even identify the areas where child is facing troubles.

Career Guidance

Instead of relying on common career choices, a graphologist understands a child’s personality, strengths and inclinations and suggest a career path that will resonate well with a child’s personality. This will enhance the chances of success in life for a child.

Handwriting Analysis for Child’s Career

With the help of handwriting analysis, parents can ensure that a career option is not imposed on a child and he/she chooses a path that is most suitable according to his/her personality. This will ensure greater level of professional success in a child’s life.

Understanding a Child Better by identifying problems

Handwriting analysis helps schools and parents in identifying the problems a child is facing in life. A graphologist can help in identifying basic problems in a child’s personality and can also uncover instances of depression, suicidal tendencies, drug abuse, social/emotional problems, sexual abuse, etc. by looking at the handwriting. This will help in taking remedial steps in time.

Grapho-therapy for Children

A graphologist not only understands the negative traits in a child, but also can suggest effective writing exercises that will help to eliminate negative personality traits. By exercising as suggested, a child can improve his personality.

Graphology for Relevant Stakeholders

Graphology can help both parents and teachers in understanding a child in a better way. This will accelerate the process of learning and development for a child. By getting to know a child’s interests, strengths, positive skills and even negative traits, a teacher/parent can work towards eliminating negative aspects of a child’s personality.

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