google-site-verification=mo4F3hR1iaA_l3FM-nz9FyxTP0HrJiYMu1wuPRTa2W4 Insightful Mind: Enhancing Recruitment with Graphology

Source the right talent and fulfill corporate expectations through handwriting analysis

Recruitment agencies have a responsible task of sourcing the right talent according to the requirements of corporate entities. Also, they have to find a resource that accelerates the growth prospects by becoming an indispensable part of a corporate system. Handwriting analysis helps recruitment agencies in understanding the profile of potential employees and gives a clear idea about their strength and weakness. This helps a recruitment agency in:

Initial screening & talent scouting

Handwriting analysis helps a recruiter in understanding the profile of a candidate before sending him/her for an interview. Using graphology, a recruiting agency can cut initial recruitment time and help an agency in finding the right talent in minimum possible time. Also, this helps them to screen talent and scout the right talent according to a company’s requirement that improves its relationship with corporate entities.

Understanding the candidate

As handwriting offers clear insights into personality of a person, graphology can be used by an agency to understand inherent talent of a client and see if he/she is true in his approach and promise of deliverance. Also, handwriting analysis helps an agency to serve a candidate by giving him proper guidance about his shortcomings and helping him to improve.

Recruitment of right talent

Graphology has helped many recruitment agencies in handing customized human resource requirements of MNCs. By getting an idea of inherent personalities, it becomes easier to align requirement with available talent pool and recruiting the right talent for a company.

Effective career counselling

Using handwriting analysis, a recruiting agency can provide insightful career counselling to a candidate looking for a job. Handwriting analysis helps in judging the aptitude of a person and suggesting a suitable career according to personal skills and talents.

Personality development of candidates

Not only does handwriting analysis helps in understanding the inherent talents but also helps in eliminating negative traits in a person’s personality. Using graphology, a recruitment agency can enlighten a candidate about his shortcomings. This helps him/her in working on improvements and enhancing his personality.

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