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Mr. Kothari is also a renowned expert Numerologist. He is India’s first professional numerology consultant who has profound knowledge of Graphology and Numerology. He uses Graphology with Numerology, in assisting to choose the baby names, company names and even rename to achieve great success.

For personal:

Newborn Baby name:

Choosing the perfect baby name is one of the most crucial decisions. As per numerology, the letters in a person's name influences his/her personality and life. While as per graphology, each letter has its energy and it influences a person’s personality and traits. Considering both the sciences while selecting a baby’s name will beneficial to the child’s future. Mr. Kothari suggests the names with the report which perfectly suits the baby based on Graphological and Numerological values.

Person name change/ Modification:

A person’s name is not only an identity of the individual but it attracts positivity and negativity as per numerology. Have you ever experience that some numbers are beneficial and some are trouble makers? All numbers are unique and they say something the same way all letter is unique and holds a different level of energy. Name Change or some modification of letters considering both the science, Graphology and Numerology, can be availed the best results in all sphere of life.

In this service, Mr. Kothari considers the date of birth, letters, number of alphabets, each letter’s energy and many more other elements and suggests the name.

Life Partner compatibility:

When it comes to love compatibility, Numerology and graphology are the most effective tool to check a couple’s compatibility. This service is a combination of two types of compatibility check, one is Graphological and another is Numerological. Click here for more detail.

For corporates:

New company name:

Similar to an individual’s name, selecting a business name or brand name is also a vital decision for any businessman or entrepreneur. The business name holds powerful energy in the letters and words that make the name that can generate great success and can touch heights. The name selected based on numerology and graphology, it works as a driving force to bring prosperity, success, and popularity. Mr. Kothari precisely adjusts the business name according to the nature of the business, the products/services, the business partners’ date of birth and owner’s preference along with Graphological and Numerological values which is a very tough task.

Rename business/ brand name:

A Business/brand name plays a pivotal role in success because it carries a powerful energy that can create great success, attract leads, touch pinnacles but only if it accurately named as per Graphology and Numerology. Many times, a company fails to survive and experienced a huge loss or might be shut downed after putting all the best efforts. It is always advisable to check the name of the business or brand to know whether it has Graphological and Numerological values or not. Mr.Kothari, an expert Grpahologist and Numerologist, adjusts the existing name by adding/removing some alphabets or words to raise the positive energy which brings prosperity and wealth.

Business partner compatibility:

As life partner’s compatibility, business partners’ compatibility is also important to check before moving ahead of the partnership business. The science of Graphology and Numerology increases the chances of a successful business partnership because, in this service traits, skills, the energy of all partners are checked. It is beneficial to check the business partner’s compatibility before jumping into any partnership.

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